Where to Buy Stocks?

Where I buy Stocks

Where to buy stocks

Where to Buy Stocks?

Where to buy stocks?

eToro is a popular stock broker with over 20 million users in 100 countries, which is fully regulated and secure and also offers insurance of up to 1 million from Lloyds of London.

eToro is an all-in-one trading platform where you can buy stocks, commodities, currencies, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies and also has the option of copy trading too.

eToro offers commission-free stock trading, a seamless account set up with a social media experience.

How to setup an account to buy stocks?

  1. Sign up with all required personal details such as name and email address.

  2. Verify your eToro account with Proof of Identity such as your passport, also verify proof of address by uploading a copy of a recent bank statement, etc.

  3. Make a first-time deposit, the minimum amount starts at $50 in specific countries, $200 in most countries but can be more in a few countries.

  4. Start trading and buying stocks.

How to buy stocks online for beginners?

  1. Select your investment amount, remember to start with disposable income, or even start with the virtual money account that eToro offers.

  2. Buy stocks that are high-capital and that you are familiar with or use their products such as Apple, Colgate Amazon, etc.

  3. Buy at least 5 stocks in different business categories to diversify and for risk management.

  4. Remember to buy stocks when there down and sell when they rise, always research stocks before buying.

How to buy stocks online for beginners? N.02

My stock trading strategy and watchlists.

  1. Go to Finviz stock screener and search for high capital stocks that are oversold and below the RSI line of 30.

  2. Research that the stock has an analyst rating of buy and the current price is near the lowest analyst expectation for the next 12 months.

  3. Research the stock news on Google to make the reason why the stock dropped in price is short-term and then I buy the stock.

eToro Copy Trading Tutorials

What is eToro copy trading?

eToro copy trading enables you to copy popular experience eToro traders by replicating everything they do on their account, when they buy and sell stocks your selected investment amount copies the trades automatically.

Essentially you can have other people trade on your behalf. It doesn't cost anything extra but you will pay the normal spread fees when you buy and sell stocks.

Before you copy a popular investor you can view all their past trading activities and gains, their risk score and view their profile to learn about their trading strategy. The minimum investment to get started is $200.

Reviews of some of the popular investors you can copy on eToro

Heloïse Greeff - Rubymza

Rubymza is a solid long-term investor that uses fundamental and machine learning to research stocks, she focuses on a diverse portfolio to lower risk while offering great returns. Rubymza is originally from South Africa but lives in the U.K and has an MBA degree in machine learning. She recommends you copy open trades with at least $1000 for 3 years plus.

Where to buy stocks

Campervans is long term trader specializing in stocks and ETF’s, he is a private banker from the U.K but lives in the United Arab Emirate that has managed the wealth of some of the Forbes top ten rich list. He uses a core and satellite strategy and invests in forward-thinking and growth stocks. He recommends copying open trades with at least $500.

How to Buy Stocks to Day Trade?

Day trading is the process of buying and selling a stock within one day. It is one of my favorite ways to trade as it can be very lucrative but can have challenges for newbies and takes time to master before you perfect and practice your strategy.

Day traders use support and resistance levels and news-based trading, for the most part, to determine when to buy and sell stocks. Day trading is not for the faint of heart and requires skill and a level head as it can be very risky, but can offer a full-time career when done right.

My mentor is a successful full-time day trader who inspired and continues to train me in the art of day trading. I would say start with small amounts or virtual money and when you are profitable five out of the seven days start with larger amounts. To be honest, it took me at least six months to become confident to consider day trading as a full-time career.

How to day trade for beginners?

My main day trading strategy using earning reports. One trade a day.

  1. Search Google for Nasdaq.com for the daily earnings reports about an hour before the stock market opens for a stock that has released its earning report premarket.

  2. Look for a stock that is at a low point over the last three to six months, grown over the last 5 years and that came out with a good earnings report that beat analysts expedition in earning per share and revenue. This will be the catalyst that will push the price up in value.

  3. Buy the stock premarket or wait till the stock market opens and then sell after about up to 2% profit. The first hour of the trading day has the most volume of trades which means the movements in price.

How to day trade for beginners N.02

My second-day trading tutorial and strategy is what I use when there are no premarket earning reports, instead, I use a positive catalyst which is good news for a company and I use support and resistance points to find an entry point to buy the stock when the stock market opens. I look at the patterns and price changes to determine when to sell and look for at least up to 3% profit.

How to day trade for beginners N.03

Following on from the second day trading tutorial and strategy I share my tips and tricks and how I follow one or two stocks to day trade every day by following the news, stock chart patterns, price, and analysis rating. I buy stocks that violate such as Nio and that are at a low price that I can hold for a swing trade if needed. I become an expert in these specific stocks by buying and selling at least every week, studying the news and prices.

Questions I get asked a lot

Is eToro safe to buy stocks?

Yes, eToro is where I bought my first stocks and learned how to trade, I would recommend it to family and friends. It is fully regulated by the FCA in the U.K, CySEC in Cyprus, and ASIC in Australia which is very important, also they offer free insurance from Lloyd’s of London which gives coverage of up to 1 million.

The CEO Yoni Assia is a down-to-earth, inspirational man that has been trading since he was 14 years old, and his goal is to make trading accessible to everyone. There are over 20 million registered users from over 100 countries, so going by the wisdom of the crowd, eToro is very safe.

If my family asked me "Where to Buy Stock?" I would recommend eToro.

Who to copy on eToro?

First of all, I would recommend you copy at least two to five popular investors on eToro to diversify and spread the risk. (Even better to copy multiple investors with different trading strategies and stocks).

Currently, I am copying Jaynemesis & JeppeKirkBonde who are currently copy blocked unfortunately due to hitting their AUM (Investment amount under management limit).

But from the popular investors that I have done a deep dive research of for my YouTube channel, I would be confident to copy Heloïse Greeff - Rubymza and James Campion - Campervans.

Using the wisdom of the crowd and searching for the most copied investors and the percentage of profitable trades is a good place to start when choosing a popular investor to copy.