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Enda Trading

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About BuyStocks.ai

Established in 2020, my trading journey began with a dual mission – one rooted in helping individual traders navigate the complex realm of online brokers, and the other in simplifying AI trading platforms through clear and concise reviews and tutorials.

 But who is the creator behind these endeavors? That would be me, Enda Cusack a.k.a “Enda Trading” someone who took a bold step away from an IT career to share a passion for trading, cultivated after completing a comprehensive trading course and inspired while working on a Google AI project in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. 

About Enda Trading on YouTube

Enda Trading on YouTube offers comprehensive video reviews of trading platforms, brokers, and AI trading solutions, as well as information on fees, platforms, account minimums, and investment possibilities. I also research the future of artificial intelligence trading, evaluating the latest methods and tools for making informed trading decisions.

Whether you're looking for a beginner-friendly trading platform or a more advanced trading tool, my YouTube videos make it simple to find the best platform for you.


Feedback from Enda Trading and BuyStocks.ai Audience

✍️“The website saved me time and effort by preventing me from selecting a couple of brokers I was initially considering that turned out to be not reliable. Information that is both detailed and comparative.” Kerstin, 08 October 2022.

✍️“Really great coverage! Thank you! Looking forward to seeing how these bots perform! Subscribed.” Quartamile, 15 August 2023.

✍️“Superb explanation video about Darwinex, nice.” Ragavendra, 25 September 2023.

✍️"Enda, Thanks for clarifying Leverage stuff & commission. I'm new to Etoro and it was confusing to understand CFD for beginners. Bless You.”  New Journey, 12 September 2023.

✍️“Thank you for this Mr. Enda. The references are very good. the examples are also good. you also answered several questions in mind. and the simplicity of your approach is quite appreciated.” Sinver, 9 August, 2023.

✍️“Amazing! Likes, Subscribed, and looking forward to more interesting tips :).” Andrew, 15 May 2023.

BuyStocks.ai was awarded "Best Digital Brokerage & Trading Training Provider 2023"

FinTech Awards 2023 Recognizes BuyStocks.ai as the Best Digital Brokerage & Trading Training Provider 

BuyStocks.ai was awarded "Best Digital Brokerage & Trading Training Provider 2023" by the FinTech Awards hosted by Wealth & Finance. This award recognizes my commitment to knowledge, integrity, and empowering individuals to make informed decisions when selecting the best trading tools for their needs.