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EA Trading Academy Review

EA Trading Academy Review

EA Trading Academy Review: A powerful stock trading bot used by thousands of traders.

EA Trading Academy is a comprehensive educational platform designed for traders who want to master algorithmic trading with Expert Advisors (EAs) and trading robots. The academy offers a variety of online courses that cover essential trading strategies across different markets, including Forex, crypto, stocks, and commodities. 

One of the key features of EA Trading Academy is its focus on trading robots. Students have access to a range of backtested and proven EAs, which are regularly updated to ensure they remain effective in current market conditions. The academy also provides tools for building your own trading robots without requiring any programming skills, thanks to software like Expert Advisor Studio and Forex Strategy Builder Pro. 

Advantages of using EA Trading Academy

Structured Learning Path: The 21-Day Ultra Algo Program is a free, intensive online course that introduces you to Expert Advisors (EAs), strategy builders, and algorithmic trading. This program provides a well-defined path to mastering algo trading, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

Ready-to-Use Robots: The academy provides a wide range of ready-to-use trading robots that are optimized for different market conditions and broker platforms, allowing traders to start trading immediately. 

Proven Trading Strategies: The academy provides access to backtested and proven EAs. These trading robots have been rigorously tested and validated, ensuring they are effective and reliable in various market conditions.

Comprehensive Course Offerings: EA Trading Academy covers a wide range of trading aspects, including Forex, crypto, stock, and commodities trading. Each course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and strategies to succeed in these markets.

Professional Strategy Builders: The academy integrates with top EA builders like EA Studio and Forex Strategy Builder Pro, allowing you to create your own trading robots without needing programming skills. These tools enable you to automate your strategies and optimize them for better performance.

Risk Management and Prop Firm Preparation: This course option includes extensive risk management strategies and preparation for prop firm challenges, such as FTMO. This can significantly improve your chances of passing these challenges and becoming a funded trader.

EA Trading Academy

EA Trading Academy at a Glance

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EA Trading Academy serves two types of Traders

EA Trading Academy for Beginners

New Traders

EA Trading Academy, managed by Petko Aleksandrov, offers comprehensive courses and tools suitable for beginners to trade Forex, crypto, indices, commodities, and stocks. The academy provides regularly updated expert advisors (EAs), ensuring learners access the latest strategies. 

A  highlight for beginners is a systematic three-step process involving strategy generation, demo trading, and selection of the best performering EAs for live trading.

EA Trading Academy for Experienced Traders

Experienced Traders

EA Trading Academy offers powerful tools like EA Studio and FSB Pro for generating and automating trading strategies, detailed analysis with backtesting tools, and reliable historical data access. It includes comprehensive educational resources to help experienced traders optimize their strategies and export them as Expert Advisors for MetaTrader. 

With features like offline strategy generation and detailed performance statistics, the Academy is ideal for enhancing trading performance through automation. 

EA Trading Academy Courses & EAs (Examples)

EA Trading Academy 21 Day Ultra Algo program

21 Day Ultra Algo program: The 21-Day Ultra Algo Trading Program by EA Trading Academy is an exceptional, free opportunity to master algorithmic trading. Over three intensive weeks, you will gain access to three top-notch courses and free trading robots. Learn to create and optimize your own Expert Advisors using Strategy Builders, even without programming skills. With detailed email guidance and practical examples, you'll develop a comprehensive understanding of algorithmic trading.

EA Trading Academy Waka Waka Expert Advisor (EA)

Waka Waka Expert Advisor (EA): The Waka Waka Expert Advisor (EA) is a highly reliable trading robot with over 60 consecutive profitable months and a verified MyFxBook record showing over 6000% profit in 4.5 years. It uses both technical and fundamental analysis to provide consistent growth with low drawdown. Supporting multiple currency pairs and offering flexible risk management settings, Waka Waka is continuously updated and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-week free trial. This makes it an excellent choice for traders seeking long-term, stable success. 

EA Trading Academy Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors

Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors: "Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors" by Petko Aleksandrov is a comprehensive course designed for traders of all levels interested in Forex algorithmic trading. With 15 lessons and a focus on EURUSD trading strategies, this course offers 100 unique strategies through 10 Portfolio Expert Advisors each month. The curriculum covers everything from setting up MetaTrader to managing and optimizing these automated trading robots, eliminating the need for prior programming or trading experience.

EA Trading Academy’s Prop Firm Robots

EA Trading Academy’s Prop Firm Robots: EA Trading Academy’s Prop Firm Robots offer a robust and comprehensive solution for traders aiming to pass proprietary firm challenges. This package includes 14 optimized robots for various FX pairs and timeframes, ensuring balanced exposure. Key features include lifetime updates, no extra fees, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The robots have successfully passed multiple types of prop firm challenges, demonstrating their effectiveness. With advanced risk management, protections, and compatibility with MetaTrader 4 and 5, these robots provide a reliable and stress-free trading strategy. 

EA Trading Academy US30 Expert Advisor + 10 Robots

US30 Expert Advisor + 10 Robots: The "US30 Expert Advisor + 10 Robots" course by Petko Aleksandrov is an exceptional resource for both novice and experienced traders looking to delve into algorithmic trading. This comprehensive course offers a deep dive into trading the volatile Dow Jones Index using 10 ready-to-use Expert Advisors. Petko's step-by-step guidance ensures you understand the strategies and tools needed to trade efficiently, removing the stress of manual trading. 

EA Trading Academy FAQs

Are there any limitations with the EAs included in the courses?

Are there any limitations with the EAs included in the courses?

The Expert Advisors (EAs) included in the courses have no limitations and can be used on both Live and Demo accounts. You can use them on an unlimited number of accounts.

How much do I have to pay for the monthly updates of the courses?

How much do I have to pay for the monthly updates of the courses?

There is no charge for updates. Once you enroll in a course, you receive lifetime updates for free, including the monthly EAs.

Which broker should I use to trade the Robots?

Which broker should I use to trade the Robots?

The Robots included in the courses are optimized to work with various brokers, but I highly recommend Vantage Markets for their excellent trading conditions, reliable execution, and strong support for algorithmic trading. Regardless of your choice, always backtest the robots and start with a Demo account to ensure optimal performance.

Do I need a VPS to trade with Robots?

Do I need a VPS to trade with Robots?

A VPS is not mandatory for algorithmic trading, but it allows EAs to run continuously without interruptions. If you can keep your computer running all the time, you might not need a VPS. Otherwise, using a VPS such as Dipgate ensures uninterrupted trading.