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TradingView Review

TradingView Review

TradingView Review: TradingView is a charting software and social network used by 50M+ traders and investors to find global market opportunities.

TradingView is a versatile and user-friendly platform that caters to both beginners and experienced technical analysis experts. It provides real-time quotes and charts for various financial instruments and is known for its commitment to reliable data sourced from professional providers. The platform covers a wide range of assets, including stocks, futures, indices, Forex, Crypto, and more.

TradingView's standout feature is its high-quality charting capabilities, offering over 10 types of charts and various price analysis tools. It also provides watchlists and alerts to track financial instruments in real-time, ensuring users stay informed and make timely decisions. They also foster a vibrant trading community where users can connect, share knowledge, and discuss trading ideas.

Advantages of using TradingView

Technical Analysis Tools: TradingView offers hundreds of pre-built studies, 90+ intelligent drawing tools, and various indicators to conduct in-depth market analysis effectively. 

Historical Data Analysis: You can rewind markets and analyze pricing data historically, allowing you to review market movements at your preferred speed and resolution. Simulated Trading: Test your trading strategies in real-time using historical data. Receive detailed reports on your strategy's performance and customize them with Pine Script™.

Powerful Alerts System: TradingView's alerts are cloud-based, flexible, and easily accessible on any device. With 12 alert conditions and Pine Script™ alerts, you can stay informed and never miss a trade.

Direct Trading Integration: Start small with Paper Trading and seamlessly transition to live trading with supported, fully-verified brokers. Trade directly from the charts with just a few clicks.

Supercharts for Comprehensive Analysis: Whether you're a beginner looking for stock prices or an advanced trader analyzing intricate price patterns, TradingView offers Supercharts that cater to all levels of traders.

Custom Formulas and Time Intervals: Tailor your trading experience by creating custom formulas using math and selecting any timeframe, including seconds and range bars. 

Diverse Chart Types: TradingView provides access to 15+ chart types, including customizable options like Renko, Kagi, and Point & Figure. You can have up to 8 charts per tab and synchronize symbols, intervals, and drawings for a seamless experience. 

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TradingView serves two types of Traders

Trading View for Beginners

New Traders

TradingView is a suitable platform for beginner traders and those interested in technical analysis as it offers a user-friendly interface with customizable charts and provides educational resources to help newcomers learn. 

The platform also includes various charting tools and indicators, a social community for learning from experienced traders, and a paper trading feature for practice. With a mobile app for on-the-go access, it's a well-rounded option for beginners starting their trading journey.

Trading View for Experienced Traders

Experienced Traders

TradingView is highly regarded among experienced traders for its extensive trading tools, customizable charts, and reliable access to a vast array of global data feeds, totaling 1,357,880 instruments and 150+ exchanges. 

The platform's security, usability, and real-time data make it a valuable asset for both individual and institutional investors, enabling market analysis, idea generation, and strategy development while fostering collaboration within the trading community.

Other Benefits of using Trading View

TradingView Live Video Streams and Real-Time Chat

Live Video Streams and Real-Time Chat: TradingView's integrated live video streams and real-time chat feature provide a dynamic learning and communication hub for traders. Access live video streams to gain insights from experienced traders, stay updated on market analysis, and engage in discussions. Simultaneously, use the real-time chat to connect with fellow traders, discuss market developments, and foster a sense of community within topic-specific chat rooms or by creating your own.

TradingView Fundamental Data Visualization

Fundamental Data Visualization: TradingView stands out by offering users the ability to overlay fundamental data directly onto price charts. This feature allows for a deeper analysis of market performance in relation to key financial metrics such as gross profit, revenue, earnings per share (EPS) estimates, and dividend yield. By visualizing this data, traders can quickly assess the impact of earnings announcements, company news, and other fundamental factors on stock prices, enhancing their decision-making process.

TradingView Drawing Tools

Extensive Drawing Tools: The platform provides an extensive array of drawing tools that empower users to perform thorough technical analysis on their charts. From trend lines to Fibonacci retracements, support and resistance levels, and more, these tools enable traders to annotate charts with precision. This level of customization aids in identifying potential entry and exit points, as well as comprehending market patterns and price movements.

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TradingView FAQs

Can TradingView be trusted?

Can TradingView be trusted?

Yes, TradingView can be trusted as a reputable platform for traders and analysts. It has garnered the trust of over 50 million users due to its positive reputation and the fact that many traders have found little to dislike about the platform. 

TradingView prioritizes the security of its users by implementing advanced measures like two-factor authentication and SSL encryption. These security features work to safeguard user data and minimize the risk of unauthorized access to accounts, further reinforcing its reliability in the trading and analysis community.

Is TradingView worth it?

Is TradingView worth it?

TradingView is considered a worthwhile investment for traders. It stands out due to its extensive set of features, customizable charting options, access to real-time data, and the presence of a supportive trading community. With free and various subscription plans available to suit different trading needs and budgets, TradingView provides a valuable platform for those seeking to enhance their technical analysis and make more informed trading decisions.

Is TradingView good for day trading?

Is TradingView good for day trading?

TradingView is certainly a suitable choice for day trading. Its robust charting tools, technical analysis features, and compatibility across various devices have earned its popularity among day traders. The platform also offers a wide range of pre-built and user-generated trading strategies tailored to different trading styles and market conditions. While it may have some minor issues, its reliability, comprehensiveness, and affordability make it a practical and cost-effective option for day-to-day trading activities.

Is TradingView really free?

Is TradingView really free?

TradingView offers a free plan that allows users to access essential features such as basic charting tools and the capability to save and share charts, real-time data, and a limited selection of indicators. 

TradingView Professional

What is TradingView Professional?

TradingView Professional is a subscription service tailored for Professional (Commercial) traders, offering three comprehensive packages: Expert, Elite, and Ultimate. These plans are designed to meet the specific needs of professional users engaged in business activities related to trading or other financial endeavors.

The primary distinction between professional and non-professional subscriptions lies in the user's status and purpose. A "Professional" trader, by definition, is involved in business activities or registered with financial regulatory bodies. On the other hand, "Non-Professional" users are private investors using market data for personal investment decisions.

The Expert, Elite, and Ultimate plans provide institutional-grade features, including advanced chart layouts, a variety of indicators per chart, historical bars, price and technical alerts, parallel chart connections, and more. These plans cater to the diverse requirements of users based on their trading expertise and preferences.

It's important to note that even non-professional users can subscribe to these plans if they seek maximum capabilities. However, Professional traders must adhere to specific conditions outlined during the subscription process, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

TradingView offers three levels of professional pricing to cater to varying levels of commitment and requirements: Expert, Elite, and Ultimate. Each plan provides a range of features designed to enhance the trading experience.

Expert Plan:

Elite Plan:

Ultimate Plan:

Additionally, by opting for annual billing, users can enjoy up to 16% off, equivalent to 2 months free. This pricing structure allows traders to choose a plan that aligns with their needs while providing savings for those who commit to an annual subscription.

TradingView Stock Screener 2.0

TradingView Stock Screener 2.0

The new TradingView's Stock Screener 2.0 is a robust tool designed to empower traders in efficiently navigating global equity markets. With access to over 70 stock exchanges and the ability to screen stocks, coins, indexes, and ETFs, this enhanced version offers a comprehensive set of features.

Key benefits and features of the Stock Screener 2.0 include:

The Stock Screener 2.0 goes beyond basic features, offering additional insights and functionality:

The screener's user-friendly interface enables traders to:

In summary, TradingView's Stock Screener 2.0 is a comprehensive and customizable tool that streamlines the equity screening process. Traders can benefit from its diverse features to enhance decision-making, improve time management, and navigate the complex world of global financial markets.