Darwinex Zero

Get Funding for your Trading Strategy | Earn 15% of the Profits

Darwinex Zero Review

Darwinex Zero Review

Embrace Trading as a Profession.

Darwinex Zero Review: Advance as an investable trader without risking your own money.

Darwinex "Classic" was founded in 2012 and owns UK and EU-regulated firms with over $130 million in assets under management. Darwinex backs skilled traders with strategies that have attracted $15+ million. Darwinex Zero aka D-Zero is their new service designed to prepare you to manage investor capital at scale.

Darwinex Zero is one of two Darwinex ecosystem gateways that use Darwinex's unique technology to build your trading strategy into an Index that can attract investors in which traders earn  15% of the success fee.

When you trade on your virtual account, Darwinex Zero shows your strategy as a DARWIN index  If you make steady returns, the DarwinIA capital allocation program will give you start-up capital. 

If you continue to perform, their capital introduction scheme will allow you to access third-party investor funds under regulatory cover. All risk-free.

Advantages of using Darwinex Zero

There is no personal financial risk.:You can trade currencies, indices, commodities, stocks, ETFs, and CFDs with your virtual CFD trading account that already has $100,000 in it and now 1 million on cash stocks and ETFs, once your trades are successful you will receive real money investments.

Income potential has no limits: For every dollar of revenue your DARWIN makes, you get a 15% performance fee.

Available worldwide: As the trading is completed through Darwinex Zero in the UK, it's available worldwide including the USA, Canada, and Japan, avoiding the normal regulatory issues traders from these countries may have.

Getting funding is easier. D-Zero's DarwinIA capital allocation software has two levels and uses different criteria than Darwinex's "classic". These different criteria make Darwinex Zero allocation faster and easier.

Risk management system: The risk engine limits investor losses to a manageable level and reduces trading risk to protect investment capital and give you peace of mind.

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D-Zero serves two types of Traders

Darwinex Zero for Beginner Traders

New Start

Clients who have never traded before but are realistic and want to do things right from the start. There could also be people who have had bad experiences in the past but want to start over.

Darwinex Zero for Experienced Traders


Traders who want to monetize their trading strategy because they have a proven track record and believe they can continue to outperform the market and accelerates their growth as a Trader.

Darwinex Zero Stages

d-zero review

Stage-Zero CALIBRATION: Start trading with virtual funds in the CALIBRATION Stage to produce trading signals so that Darwinex Zero can package your strategy as a DARWIN index, they will need 20 risk-equivalent trading choices over 10 trading days to train and calibrate their risk engine. Your monthly subscription cost (38 euros for FX and CFDs accounts) begins with your first month of the CALIBRATION Stage participation.

Darwinex Zero DarwinIA SILVER

First Stage DarwinIA SILVER: DarwinIA SILVER allows traders to share funds. Your first exposure to investment and the chance to manage Darwinex's proprietary capital and earn performance fees. 

Darwinex Zero DarwinIA Gold

Second Stage DarwinIA GOLD: Move up to DarwinIA GOLD, an elite group of traders who have shown that their strategies work well in the medium to long term. At this point, your DARWIN index will be exposed to buyers from outside the platform that Darwinex Zero brings to the platform.

Darwinex Zero Investors

Third Stage Investors: When you attain DarwinIA GOLD, your index becomes available to Darwinex classic investors. Winning the trust of investors entails leveraging funds beyond Darwinex Zero's seed capital allocation program, and therefore limitlessly. The finest Darwinex traders have already attracted millions and receive hundreds of thousands of euros in performance fees.

Darwinex Pro

Final Stage Darwinex PRO: Darwinex Hedge Fund Service (HFaaS) gives you the tools to approach investors with your brand and fees without competition from other DARWIN indices. Focus on strategy and capital raising while Darwinex Pro handles execution, back office, and investor-appealing marketing.

Other Benefits of using Darwinex Zero


Darwinex Zero lets traders access the Darwinex classic ecosystem without risking their own funds.

Darwinex Zero FAQs

What is Darwinex

What does Darwinex do?

Darwinex helps traders post their strategies as indices (called DARWINs) with proven track histories using their own capital. They seed invest and offer these indexes to worldwide investors. Darwinex is a broker that specializes in a unique copy trading service that can let traders eventually start their own hedge fund while Darwinex looks after all the back-office tasks.

What is Darwinex Zero

What does Darwinex-Zero do?

Darwinex Zero is a brand-new service offered by Darwinex where the trader uses a virtual account connected to real-time markets but does not require investors to trade with their own capital.  

Darwinex Zero (D-Zero) offers a risk-free alternative to trading and asset management for a monthly subscription fee of €38. Darwinex Zero helps you handle investor cash at scale by testing your talents step-by-step. Beat the markets with virtual money and get seed and investor capital when your approach succeeds.

Note: You can migrate your track record to Darwinex Classic and develop it from there when you're ready to trade from a real account, saving you the monthly D-Zero subscription.

Darwinex Zero Cost

How much does Darwinex Zero cost?

Darwinex Zero has recently revised its fee structure to make the platform more accessible and user-friendly, addressing feedback from its users. The significant changes include:

These changes aim to remove barriers to entry and enhance user experience, thereby fostering a stronger and more engaged trading community. Future plans include offering discounted quarterly, six-month, and yearly packages.

What can you trade on Darwinex Zero

What can I Trade on Darwinex Zero?

This depends on the plan you chose and the platform:

Darwinex Lerverage

Can I use Leverage?

The following levels of leverage will be applied automatically to your trading account, 30:1 Forex pairs, 20:1 Indices, 20:1 on commodities, and 5:1 on stocks and ETFs.

Leverage is not recommended for two reasons:

The maximum leverage was increased recently to enhance user experience, particularly for those employing Expert Advisors, eliminating the need for margin adaptations. 

What is a Darwin

What is a DARWIN?

Your strategy creates a DARWIN Index, an investable asset. It duplicates your trades and runs them through Darwinex's risk management engine to detect if they stray from your historical trading trend. The risk engine will alter trade size or partially close a deal if the deviation is significant. The portal shows real-time risk engine interventions.

Investment managers must offer products that match investors' risk appetites. Thus, knowing the risk level beforehand is essential to receiving investment. Darwinex's zero risk is standardized across strategies, so you can't just get fortunate while highly leveraged and seem like a superstar. 

Darwin Risk Management

What is the Risk Engine?

The risk engine is the part that sits between the underlying strategy and the Darwin and adjusts the DARWIN's risk to ensure that all DARWINs have the same maximum goal risk of 6.5% monthly VaR.

Darwinex Zero Profit

What type of traders is Darwinex Zero looking for?

The program aims to provide an option for individuals who want to become asset managers and start a track record from zero. 

Darwin Risk Management

How can I withdraw the 15% performance fee?

You can make a withdrawal (min $100) at any time via a bank transfer that accepts EUR, GBP, or USD. 

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