Al Brooks Trading Course

Al Brooks Price Action Trading Course

Al Brooks is an independent professional day trader, author, Trader Room Speaker, Lecturer, technical analyst, and Futures magazine writer who has created a free 27-hour price action video trading course for trading broker TD365

Brooks is a trader's trader who has spent long, hard hours in front of the computer to beat the markets. He discusses his trading approach through his step-by-step price action courses. Formerly a doctor and instructor, he combines his eye for detail and trading lessons to create the Al Brooks Price Charts Bar by Bar Trading Course which is a must-have for individuals who want to day trade seriously and profitably.

Two Free Price Action Trading Courses by Al Brooks

Al Brooks Beginners trading Course

27 Lectures | 390 Minutes

Al Brooks Advanced trading Course

29 Lectures | 1200 Minutes

Al Brooks Trading Course Alternative

For those familiar with Al Brooks' trading courses, EA Trading Academy offers a robust alternative with a strong focus on Price Action trading. Led by Petko Aleksandrov, the Academy has become a global hub for aspiring traders, providing comprehensive education and tools to succeed in the financial markets.

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Price Action Trading at EA Trading Academy (Manual Trading)

For those specifically interested in Price Action trading, EA Trading Academy offers a range of manual trading courses that teach traders to trade profitably using the price itself. One of their standout offerings is the Forex Trading Masterclass with Full Technical Analysis. This course covers the essential aspects of trading, combining theoretical knowledge with practical, live trading examples.

What Students Will Learn:

Course Structure and Contents

The Forex Trading Masterclass is meticulously structured to cater to traders at all levels, from beginners to advanced. The course guides students through the complete process of professional Forex trading, from setting up the trading screen to executing and managing trades.

Key topics covered include:

Broad Range of Assets and Courses

EA Trading Academy offers comprehensive courses and EAs for a variety of assets including Forex, crypto, stocks, and commodities. Each course is tailored to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills specific to these markets, ensuring that traders can diversify their portfolios and maximize their trading opportunities.

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Al Brooks Beginners Trading Course

Create a TD365 account to gain access to this course. No funding is required for the initial thirty days which allows you to learn before trading.

Lecture 1: An Overview

Lecture 1 is an introduction to Al Brooks' beginner's course. It comprises the units listed below:

Lecture 2: Major Trend Reversals

The second Lecture will cover "Major Trend Reversals." This is the initial setup you need to master. A Major Trend Reversal is a reversal from a bullish to a bearish trend or vice versa.

Lecture 3: Pullbacks

Trading pullbacks is a skill that will help you profit from trends. A pullback is a reversal or momentary stop in a trend, swing, or leg.

Lecture 4: Reversals in the Trading Range 

The market is always alternating between a trend and a Trading Range.  A continuous cycle of trend, Trading Range, trend, until the end of time!

Lecture 5: Breakouts

Mastering the skill to spot a breakthrough can lead to more successful trading.

Lecture 6: Conclusion of Al Brooks Beginners Trading Course

Helpful advice on trading psychology and links to further reading are provided as a course conclusion.

Lecture 7: Bonus Live Trading Videos

An explanation of how order flow can help with price action trading, followed by actual live trade examples.

Al Brooks Advanced Trading Course

Al brooks trading course
Al brooks price action trading course
Al Brooks Trading Course