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AvaFutures Review

AvaFutures Review

AvaFutures Review: AvaFutures, part of AvaTrade, is an advanced online futures trading platform with nearly two decades of expertise. 

It offers free access to cutting-edge data, charting, and educational tools, and is globally regulated by nine authorities, ensuring security and compliance. With a client-centric approach, AvaFutures provides 24/7 support and rapid trade execution. The platform boasts a global presence from Tokyo to Dublin and is a top-rated broker on TrustPilot.

Traders can access a diverse range of assets, including indices, commodities, metals, cryptocurrencies, currencies, and treasuries, all with transparent pricing and low commissions. High liquidity and robust risk management tools further enhance the trading experience. Combining innovation, security, and customer satisfaction, AvaFutures is an ideal choice for confidently navigating the futures markets.

Advantages of using AvaFutures

Advanced Trading Tools: AvaFutures provides traders with free access to cutting-edge data, charting, and educational tools. The platform leverages the advanced capabilities of MetaTrader 5 (MT5), supporting algorithmic trading and custom indicators.

Regulation and Security: AvaFutures is regulated by nine international regulatory authorities, including the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI), also your funds are protected in segregated accounts.

Global Presence and Community: With operations spanning 150 countries and over 300,000 satisfied traders, AvaFutures boasts a large, active community with regional offices located in key cities including the UAE, Dublin, Milan, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing: AvaFutures offers low-cost trading with transparent pricing structures. There are no hidden fees, inactivity charges, or platform fees. The commissions are competitive, starting at just $0.75 per Micro contract per trade.

Educational Support: AvaFutures offers extensive learning materials, including webinars, comprehensive courses, and interactive lessons for beginners to advanced traders.

Competitive Trading Conditions: AvaTrade offers tight spreads, up to 400:1 leverage, and 0% commission, providing traders with favorable conditions to maximize their potential returns.

Diverse Market Access: AvaFutures offers traders access to a wide range of financial instruments, including indices, commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, metals, and treasuries.

24/7 Customer Support: AvaFutures takes pride in its around-the-clock support, with a team of experts ready to assist traders in multiple languages. 

Fast and Efficient Trading: AvaFutures guarantees quick trade execution with minimal latency. The platform’s infrastructure is designed to execute trades in milliseconds, providing traders with speed and reliability.

Ava Futures Review
Innovative, Reliable, Transparent, Supportive

AvaFutures at a Glance

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AvaFutures Features
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AvaFutures serves two types of Traders

Ava Futures for Beginners

New Traders

AvaFutures is a solid platform for beginners due to its user-friendly design, comprehensive educational resources, and strong security measures. The platform's intuitive interface and integration of MetaTrader 5 (MT5) make it easy to navigate and utilize advanced trading tools. Educational support, including articles, tutorials, video courses, and webinars, helps beginners build their knowledge and confidence. 

Additionally, risk management tools such as stop-loss orders and margin calls are essential for managing potential losses, making AvaFutures a secure and supportive environment for new traders.

Ava Futures for Experienced Traders

Experienced Traders

AvaFutures is an excellent choice for experienced traders due to its advanced tools and diverse market access. It offers CME Group's futures contracts, including Micro, E-mini, and Standard sizes, across various markets such as Equity Index, Metals, Energy, FX, Cryptocurrencies, Agriculture, and Interest Rates. The platform uses MetaTrader 5 (MT5), providing advanced charting capabilities, automated trading, and in-depth analysis.

 Additional features beneficial for advanced traders include high-leverage options, sophisticated risk management tools like stop-loss and limit orders, and support for automated trading strategies.

Ava Futures Trading Platforms

Ava Futures MT5 Desktop

MT5 Desktop: The MT5 desktop application is a full-featured platform that provides comprehensive trading capabilities. Key features include:

Ava Futures MT5 Web

MT5 Web: The MT5 web version allows you to trade directly from your web browser without any need for downloads. It offers:

Ava Futures MT5 Mobile App

MT5 Mobile App: The MT5 mobile app ensures you can trade anytime and anywhere. Features include:

AvaFutures FAQs

AvaFutures Minimum Deposit

What is the minimum initial deposit for starting a trading account?

The minimum initial deposit for starting an AvaFutures trading account is $100 for USD accounts and ‚ā¨100 for EUR accounts, with European clients required to verify their accounts before depositing.

What types of assets can I trade with AvaFutures?

What types of assets can I trade with AvaFutures?

AvaFutures offers a wide range of market categories, including:

What is the margin requirement for different futures contracts at AvaFutures?

What is the margin requirement for different futures contracts at AvaFutures?

Margin requirements vary by futures contract. Here are a few examples:

For a complete list of margin requirements, visit the margin info section on their website.

What should I know about the closing of trades at AvaFutures?

What should I know about the closing of trades at AvaFutures?

Ava Futures will close all open trades at market rates and delete pending orders for all expiring instruments two business days prior to the expiration date. Closing of open trades and deletion of pending orders can happen intraday. AvaFutures will move from Day Margin to Overnight Margin 15 minutes before the end of the trading session. They may, at their discretion, increase the Day Margin before high-impact news releases.