Best Gaming Laptop for Stock Trading

Best Gaming Laptop for Stock Trading: Razor Blade 15 Review

Best Gaming Laptop for Stock Trading (Razor Blade 15)

The Razer Blade 15 has long dominated the high-end market, frequently ranking among the best gaming laptops for stock trading available. With some absolutely eye-watering features packed into a sleek, elegant chassis and a solid display on top, the 2022 update cements its position for another year. Of course, at $3,999, the top-of-the-line RTX 3080 Ti combination will outperform the majority of the market, but if you're wanting to hit 4K60+ and have the cash to spare, go no further.

They're not cheap, but with pricing starting at $2,499.99 for an RTX 3060 / i7 Base model, there's plenty to choose from for those looking for luxury, but for those with the cash, the new Razor Blade 15 is the greatest Razer laptop available.


Much of the old Razer Blade design is carried over here, with a solid, matte black appearance and the sturdy solidity of an aluminum chassis. 

This time around, Razer has upped the ante in terms of airflow, with additional vents around the bottom of the chassis and larger keys with less space between them. When you examine the keyboard more closely, you'll notice that the power button has been moved to the main deck. This is becoming increasingly popular in slimline designs.

In true Razer flair, the Blade 15 foregoes the flashy lighting and other gimmicks of competing computers in favor of a significantly more understated look. The sleek black look hides a highly powerful machine beneath it, and with the strong build quality, additional cooling care, and a 2kg weight.

Performance of the best gaming laptop for stock trading:

The New Blade 15 with a 12th-generation Core i9 processor and an RTX 3080 is going to crush any stock trading or gaming or you put at it, but it's surprising how effectively this laptop handled 4K games.

Best Gaming Laptop for Stock Trading

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