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eToro Copy Portfolio Reviews

3 Copy Portfolios that use Machine Learning

OutSmartNSDQ, AITrader50, and MomentumDD are Copy Portfolios by eToro that use A.I. technology algorithms to learn financial patterns from their top traders and the wisdom of the crowd to create 3 Copy Portfolios. The minimum investment is $500.

OutSmartNSDQ Copy Portfolio

The OutSmartNSDQ uses Microsoft's advanced machine learning and wisdom of the crowd eToro’s algorithm to select the top Nasdaq eToro traders then selects the top 15 stocks that are most likely to generate top gains over the next coming months.

Crypto Portfolio (Cryptos by Market Cap)

The Crypto Portfolio offers exposure and diversification of the top Crypto per market capital. Managed by eToro and rebalanced yearly, this copy portfolio is an easier way to invest in Crypto. The min investment is $500.

3 of the Newer Copy Portfolios on eToro

Vaccine-Med, FashionPortfolio, and GigEconomy were released during the pandemic. Vaccine-Med invests in companies involved in vaccinations. FashionPortfolio invests in the fashion industry, and GigEconomy invests in freelancing companies like Uber, and Airbnb.

China Tech Copy Portfolio

The China Tech Copy Portfolio gives investors exposure to Chinese tech companies that made their profits within China or the rest of the world. China has shown its one of the main players in artificial technology, e-commerce, electronic and machinery, and robotics.