Enda Trading on eToro: Portfolio Revealed

I am investing 20K in these 10 stocks

Enda Trading on eToro.

I’m Investing $20k In These 10 Stocks.

I have set up my new long-term eToro account where I am going to be investing in at least 10 stocks and also ETFs. I will be scaling this account slowly and using dollar-cost averaging.

The 10 stocks I am adding to the watchlist are:

  1. Activision Blizzard (medium risk) Growth Stock

  2. Citigroup Inc (medium risk) Dividend Stock

  3. Colgate-Palmolive (low risk) Consumer Stable

  4. Delta Airlines Inc (medium risk)

  5. General Motors Corporation (low risk)

  6. Paypal Holdings Inc (low risk)

  7. Plug Power Inc (high risk)

  8. Restaurants Brands International (low risk)

  9. Visa Inc (low risk)

  10. Zix Corporation (high risk)

Each stock will have different risks to balance out the portfolio from low risk to medium risk etc, with the expectation that medium risk stocks will return more profit percentage than low-risk stocks.

For example, Plug Power Inc is in an emerging market do holds the high-risk score, while Colgate is a stable established company so is low risk.

Also with this portfolio, I have diversified between different industries, types of investments that are important for risk management, which also have anchors that big money is backing, and in which I will be investing a higher percentage of the portfolio.

For example:

Activision Blizzard - Growth Stock

Citigroup Inc - Dividend Stock

Colgate-Palmolive - Consumer Stable

Plug Power Inc - Emerging Market

Zix Corporation - Emerging Market

Visa Inc - Anchor

Paypal Holdings Inc - Anchor

Colgate-Palmolive - Anchor

I am looking for stocks that are backed by big money or hedge funds, so I used Yahoo Finance statistics to search for a high percentage (Held by Institutions). The reasoning is that hedge funds historically do not sell as fast as a retail investor if something negative happens in the stock market, they would rather add more shares to their growth portfolio on a price drop like I plan to do.

Also, I am looking for companies that have a great class flow to invest in the development or dividends meaning the company is in profit by looking at their leveraged cash flow (Cash Flow after Debt).

Then I check the company has grown financially year over year.

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