Fetch.AI Crypto

Machine Learning Fetch Crypto AI Agents at your Service

etch.ai Crypto (Machine Learning A.I. Agents at your Service).

Fetch.ai is a decentralized machine learning platform that promises a new digital economy, or even a personal assistant in a safer, secure system, the code is open-source letting any business take advantage of the A.I. to complete complex tasks and find solutions to complex problems, or create a better experience for the customers.

Not only for business but for personal use, The Agents can gather, transform, package information and services and deliver precisely what you want. Essentially you train the Agent of your life preferences and it will deliver services that you require.

The System uses Autonomous Economic Agents to search the network to obtain value for its user depending on their business goal or personal preference, by collecting data of services and negotiating data with other Agents using smart contracts.

Some of the real-world Solutions are Fetch.ai bring are:

  • Transport Industry to optimize route planning for a better travel experience meaning getting better routes or seats, avoiding waiting in the rain, or spending more time at home without you having to search, the information is automatically delivered to you promising to save you time and money.

  • Health Industry can collaborate on development while maintaining privacy.

  • Energy providers increase evidence while passing savings on the customers.

  • Helping Defi and Fintech increase their ability to raise cash to reduce barriers to entry.

  • Smart homes where devices work together to solve problems and devices run after detecting the best energy prices with the service providers.

How its works in real-time.

For booking a taxi, you use the App to tell your Agent where you want to go with details such as price limit or vehicle, fetch.ai connects with a driver Agent that matches your preferences, the two-agent negotiate and once agreed, they use a smart contract to confirm the trip within seconds, and both Agents monitor the trip to makes sure the contract has been fulfilled, only then are the funds transferred, cutting out the middle man like Uber resulting in lower costs. Although this technology could be integrated into existing companies such as Uber.

The network is live and software tool kits are available to deploy machine learning processes for real-world solutions. And experiences.

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