funded trading accounts

Funded Trading Accounts

A Range of Funded Trading Accounts

Live account trading can be difficult for traders due to low capital, high risk, and insecurity. Funded trading accounts let you trade without risking your capital, in a nutshell, funded trading is trading on behalf of a company using a proprietary trading account.

Determine which strategy will work best for you, and then get started trading. There is no need to take any qualification examinations.

funded trading accounts for beginners

$14,000 Trading Account

Get access to a Live Trading Account worth $14,000 with a maximum loss of $700 and a profit split of 70 percent (You keep 70 percent of the profits).

​Forex Leverage: 1:10-$140,000

Futures Leverage: 1:2-$28,000

Stocks Leverage: 1:1-$14,000

Crypto Leverage: 1:1-$14,000

Indices Leverage 1:2-$28,000

Real-time market data with extremely quick order executions and an intuitive user interface.

Access to a trading room staffed with personal mentors, also, a trading school for beginners.

[One-Time Payment] COST: $500 $349

funded trading accounts for an intermediate

$80,000 Trading Account

Gain access to a Live Trading Account with an $80,000 balance, a maximum loss of $4,000, and a profit split of 75%. (You keep 75 percent of the profits).

Forex Leverage 1:10-$800,000

Futures Leverage 1:2-$160,000

Stocks Leverage 1:1-$80,000

Crypto Leverage 1:1-$80,000

Indices Leverage 1:2-$160,000

Real-time market data with extremely quick order executions and an intuitive user interface.

Access to the trading course for intermediate-level traders, as well as live mentoring sessions.

COST: $2,700 USD [One-Time Payment]

funded trading accounts for a professional

$240,000 Trading Account

Gain access to a Live Trading Account with a balance of $240,000 Maximum loss permitted of $12,000 Profit Split of 85% (You are entitled to keep 85% of the total profit.)

​Forex Leverage 1:10-$1,920,000

Futures Leverage 1:2-$360,000

Stocks Leverage 1:1-$160,000

Crypto Leverage 1:½-$120,000

Indices Leverage 1:2-$360,000

Real-time market data with extremely quick order executions and an intuitive user interface

Get access to the trading course designed for professionals as well as live mentoring sessions.

COST: $8,100 USD [One-Time Payment]

Fund Trading Account Summary

The best of both worlds is provided by funded trading accounts. You can earn money doing something you enjoy without putting your cash at risk. A subsidized trader program is ideally suited for newcomers. Moreover, the knowledge you acquire is priceless. Compared to other services, this one gives more guidance, mentoring, and coaching. Funded trading accounts let traders trade other firms' capital without risking their own.

  • Utilize their funds to engage in trading and investing, and we will retain the majority of your profits.

  • They assume one hundred percent of the risk.

  • Get Paid, Educate Yourself, Make Profits Trading, Investing, and Doing All of These Risk-Free

  • Without the requirement that you demonstrate your worth by overcoming difficult "challenges,"

  • A profit split of up to 95% is possible.

  • Gain knowledge from industry experts on how to invest and trade stocks.

  • You may trade over 10,000 assets on a single platform, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and futures.

  • There are no required minimums, and you can trade and invest on your own timetable without having to meet arbitrary profit goals.

  • You could receive funding in as little as 5 days!

  • There will be only one charge.

Other than the one-time payment of a one-time fee, there are no ongoing charges or membership fees involved. Additionally, you may be repaid for the charge through your first Profit Split.

No questions asked money-back guarantee for both packages. Get in touch with them if for any reason you don't like the bundle. They will return your money. There were no further inquiries.

Funded trading accounts let you better control risk, fine-tune strategies, and generate profits on a consistent basis.

The following are some of the reasons why more than 1578 investors select this funded trading account each month:

  • 8.7 million dollars worth of investor payouts had been processed as of this date.

  • 12573 funded trading accounts were provided in the year 2021.

  • 98 percent of Traders and Investors agree that having a funded trading account enhanced their trading.

Traders and investors of all kinds are welcome to Join Funded Trading Accounts

  • If you want to trade stocks and futures, this funded trading account is for you.

  • Long-term investors that are interested in US and European stock markets

  • A currency trader who wants to capitalize on currency pairs

  • Anyone interested in trading and investing in the most prominent cryptocurrencies.

Invest and trade the most popular stocks and assets from any location. The platform is compatible with iOS and Android devices and can be accessed from a PC, a Mac, a web browser, a tablet, or a smartphone.

What is a Funded Trading Account?

A funded trading account allows an individual to trade on behalf of a company, funded trading accounts provide flexibility and ease of entry into trading and offer many benefits.

First, the company gives you a real trading account and lets individuals use the corporate license to trade legally. So, you can avoid paperwork, ensure minimum funds, obtain trading licenses and certifications, and more. By qualifying for a funded trading program, individuals can trade with more capital than usual. Funded trading accounts benefit both the company and the trader as the profit you make is shared through an agreed profit percentage share.

In general, a prospective funded trader must enroll in an evaluation program or training course and pass a final exam that reflects their skills and competencies. Traders who meet the requirements are offered proprietary-funded trading accounts. They get a certain-sized account and the trader can use account funds at will, though every company has rules that the trader must follow. Some companies' rules may require a profit target. Maximum drawdown rates, daily loss limits, and maximum position size are other rules.

Benefits of a Funded Trading Account

  • Funded traders have many benefits, let's highlight the main reasons why it's worth it:

  • Trade risk-free - Funded traders don't risk their own money, you're trading on behalf of the company and using its capital, not yours.

  • Spend nothing - Depending on the company, you may need significant starting capital to trade professionally, when you're a funded trader, you can trade without your own capital.

  • License-free - Independent trading can be difficult depending on local regulations, you may need a license, certification, rules, etc. When you join a funded trading account, none of this applies. Trade on their behalf!

  • Invest from anywhere - Funded trading programs allow you to trade from home or the beach, unlike full-time trading jobs.

  • Funded traders have many benefits, to summarize why so many people use these programs, we can say that they allow you to trade someone else's money while keeping most of the profits. Great returns, no risk!

Funded Trading Account Risks

Funded trading accounts are risk-free and with so many benefits, it's easy to see why beginner traders love funded trading programs.

If I must highlight a downside of funded trading programs, it's the risk of failing the evaluation and losing the enrollment fee. Consider the cost of learning if this happens. Such programs give you valuable content and industry know-how to streamline your trading career.

Even if you fail the program the first time, you can analyze your mistakes, review the educational content, and use a trading simulator. After mastering some trading strategies, you can re-enroll in the funding trading program and pass the exam.

Even if you consider failing the program the deal-breaker, funded trading programs are the shortest path to a trading career. Significant opportunities are worth enrolling in a problem. If you're serious about financial markets, you'll finish the program easily.

Funded Trading Account no Challenge

Funded Accounts offer a trading account with no challenges with up to $160,000 USD funded in your account. Profit share is up to 95% based on the account type, and you can withdraw when you hit $400 monthly profits, but if you want a profit cushion you can just grow your account without withdrawing. It has a maximum drawdown of 8000 USD, meaning the account will be closed if you reach your maximum loss with no extra fees, you will be a risk-free trader.

When you join the family of funded traders, people will know that you are a professional trader who is backed by money. You don't have to risk your own money, and our back-end engine gives you access to top-tier liquidity, superior technology, and analytics. Plus, with our profitable Stocks Package, you could manage a trading account. You get to keep up to 95% of any money you make trading on a funded account, and we cover any losses. The initial fee you paid can be made back by making money on the account you've already funded. If you think you have what it takes, you really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.