How to Invest in the Metaverse?

eToro Metaverse Life

eToro Metaverse life: Smart Portfolio Review

How to Invest in the Metaverse? (eToro Metaverse life Smart Portfolio)

The metaverse once only a thing of science fiction has gone viral with even Facebook renaming to Meta meaning their main business goal for the future is to become one of the leaders in the place.

With the metaverse projecting to be the internet of tomorrow, where you can not only socialize, play games, shop online, or watch a movie in your very own apartment suite property that you bought, designed, or even invested in to sell later, the Metaverse is not to be ignored.

For this reason, eToro has created a Smart Portfolio with a mix of the largest player that will help build the hardware, software, and currency to make the Metaverse a reality.

The eToro Metaverse Life Smart Portfolio is made up of 28 shares and 3 cryptocurrencies and covers all technology needed to develop and run the metaverse, for example:

Facebook: Brings the platform for the metaverse.

Intel: Brings processing power by semiconductor chips

Activision: Brings the software/knowledge needed to create Metaverse games

Enjin: Brings the cryptocurrency for the metaverse.

The portfolio asset is separated into two groups which are weighted equally:

  1. Main players that focus purely on the metaverse.

  2. Companies connected to the metaverse.

eToro Metaverse life is rebalanced yearly by eToro depending on performance and market trends.

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