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Rubymza (Heloïse Greeff)

Rubymza (Heloïse Greeff) was eToro's first female Elite Pro Popular Investor (the highest rank) which means she has over 10 million amount under management with at least $50,000 of her own money invested in her portfolio.

Rubymza is originally from South Africa but now lives and works in the U.K, she started investing on eToro in 2016, after finishing her studies of an MBA in Machine Learning MBA from Oxford University, (she now holds a PhD).

Rubymza, like many of the eToro popular investors, works full time as an advisor to an Australian startup and trades on eToro part-time, she also gets time to work with Oxford University focusing on the applications of Machine Learning.

Rubymza eToro's portfolio focuses on long-term value stocks, using fundamental analysis and machine learning algorithms to identify key entry and exit prices.

Over the past 4 years, Rubymza's portfolio has returned an average of 30% per year. Her focus is to offer a low to medium risk score achieved by investing in stocks, indices, crypto, and having cash in her balance for new investments. Her goal is to outperform the S&P 500.

Currently, Heloïse Greeff is being copied by over 19000 eToro users, she recommends you copy with at least $1000 for the long term and to add funds regularly using a Dollar Cost Average strategy.

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