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SignalStack Review

What is SignalStack?

SignalStack Review: SignalStack automatically converts any trading platform alert into an executed order in any brokerage account.

SignalStack easily makes doing what Hedge funds and professionals have done for years, which is to automate their trades, retail traders had no convenient option until SignalStack. SignalStack makes it easy to link any trading platform to any brokerage account and automate alerts, whether they are one-time trades or complicated in-and-out strategies.

SignalStack was founded by TrendSpider in 2021, which is a retail investor trading technology leader. TrendSpider has over 10,000 traders, 61,000 assets, and 35+ workers, offering traders enormous potential to improve their trading techniques and capabilities.

Advantages of using SignalStack

Powerful Trade Automation: SignalStack gives traders a competitive edge in the dynamic financial markets with strong trade execution automation. This unique function simplifies trading, allowing users to implement trading strategies precisely and efficiently. 

An Affordable Solution: SignalStack addresses traders' needs at a reasonable cost. Its variable pricing strategy lets consumers pay just for the signals they need, making trading affordable. 

Excellent Uptime: SignalStack is a reliable cloud platform with 99.99% uptime. Even in tumultuous markets, traders can trust their trading signals to be implemented quickly and consistently.

Lightning-fast signal processing: SignalStack processes signals in 0.45 seconds. This speed lets traders act quickly on market opportunities, improving their chances for success.

User-Friendly Automation: SignalStack allows trade automation through a simple interface and with a quick setup, making it accessible to traders of all ability levels without needing coding experience. 

Multiple Platform Compatibility: SignalStack uses WebHook notifications to interface with many third-party trading platforms such as TradingView. This interoperability lets traders use their favorite tools with SignalStack's automation. 

Broker Compatibility: SignalStack has direct customized links with major brokers, this lets traders choose their preferred broker to implement their strategy, increasing flexibility and ease.

Dedicated Support: SignalStack provides advanced, developer-led support during market hours. Additional emergency support is available after hours to help users when they need it. 

SignalStack Review

SignalStack at a Glance

SignalStack Features
SignalStack Pricing

Signal Stack serves two types of Traders

SignalStack for Beginners

New Traders

SignalStack is an excellent choice for beginners who are looking to dive into automated trading without the need for coding or technical expertise. SignalStack's user-friendliness, automation, and direct brokerage connectors allow beginners to automate their trading strategies easily.

The platform's straightforward setup process is designed to be welcoming for newcomers, making it easy to get started right away. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, SignalStack ensures that you can navigate the platform effortlessly.

SignalStack for Experienced Traders

Experienced Traders

Advanced traders seeking efficiency and precision would like SignalStack. Experienced traders will find SignalStack useful since it quickly converts signals into orders, eliminating slippage, which is vital to trading success. This saves time and improves the execution of trading strategies.

SignalStack improves trading methods for chart analysts and trend-spotters by actively searching the markets for patterns and signals. SignalStack offers automation to your analytical toolkit, which TradingView fans love.

Other Benefits of using SignalStacks

First 25 Signals from SignalStack are Free

First 25 Signals are Free: Get everything you need to automate your trading strategy, including free signals and pricing as low as $0.59 per signal after the first 25 signals.

Emotion-Free Trading from SignalStack

Emotion-Free Trading: One of the primary advantages of SignalStack is its ability to automate trading strategies. By setting up predefined rules and conditions for trades, traders can eliminate emotional decision-making from their trading, which often leads to impulsive and costly errors.

SignalStack Backtesting

Backtesting: SignalStack allows traders to backtest their strategies, helping them assess the historical performance of their trading rules and make informed decisions about strategy optimization.

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SignalStack FAQs

How does SignalStack work?

How does SignalStack work?

SignalStack converts alerts from your favorite charting and analysis tool, such as TrendSpider or TradingView, into brokerage account trades. SignalStack easily converts chart-based alerts in this trading software into calls to your brokerage account to open or close trades. This approach connects trade analysis to execution, saving time and reducing manual errors.

Which Signal Sources does SignalStack support?

Which Signal Sources does SignalStack support?

Currently, SignalStack offers seamless support for various signal sources, including TrendSpider, TradingView, Zapier, IFTTT, and any other system capable of sending webhooks.

Which Brokers does SignalStack support?

Which Brokers does SignalStack support?

The supported brokers include Alpaca, Autoshares, BingX, BitMart, BitMEX,, Bybit,, Coinbase, E*Trade, Gemin, Interactive Brokers, KuCoin, Lime Brokerage, NinjaTrader, Oanda, Optimus Futures, Phemex, TD Ameritrade, TastyTrade, TradeStation, Tradier, WOO X, and additional broker integrations are in the pipeline.