Automated Stock Trading Bot

StockHero Review

StockHero Review

StockHero Review: A powerful stock trading bot used by thousands of traders.

Since 2021, StockHero trading bot technology has enabled over a million trades through the cloud. With its user-friendly interface, Stock Hero trades automatically based on user-set entry and exit conditions without needing any coding knowledge. 

You can try out your trading strategy risk-free first on a simulated paper exchange before deciding to use your bot for real trades. Additionally, Stock Hero's Bots Marketplace is a unique platform that enables traders who are new to automated trading and StockHero to easily access effective stock trading bots developed by experienced traders. 

Advantages of using StockHero

Modern, refreshing UI: StockHero's user interface is designed for effortless understanding, ideal for new users. Establish strategies with just a few clicks, and conveniently access all features through their mobile-responsive design on your phone.

Trading Bots for Every Trading Style: StockHero provides a range of intelligent bots designed for various market conditions, including bull, bear, and range markets. These bots enable traders to execute long and short strategies, advanced tactics like Trailing Take Profit, Scalping for range-bound scenarios, Dollar Cost Averaging, Grid strategies, and more.

Unlimited Backtesting: Stock Hero's proprietary backtest engine produces quick bot configuration results and with limitless backtesting, you can perfect your strategy. Each backtest has detailed trade data and performance indicators including Sharpe Ratio and Max Drawdown. The robust engine can perform over 100 backtests per second and over 10 million backtests. Stock Hero also allows custom period backtests in 1.2 seconds. 

Bot Marketplace: The Bots Marketplace lets newbies rent pre-configured expert-developed bots from experienced traders saving you time and effort. Users can also submit successful bots to lease for extra revenue. 

TradingView Integration: Set your bots to buy or sell stocks on TradingView signals.

Automated Stock Trading: Connect to your brokerage to automate trades and relax and let StockHero trade for you, or Use Stock Hero as a signal provider and trade manually on your brokerage.

Stock Hero Trading Bot

StockHero at a Glance

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StockHero serves two types of Traders

Stock Hero for Beginners

New Traders

Automated trading lets traders use back-tested, objective trading strategies. Instead of coding, traders may use Stock Hero to quickly use bots for many strategies like the Relative Strength Index. The index indicates buying when RSI drops below 30 and selling when it passes 70. 

The Simple bot from StockHero streamlines this procedure by letting traders choose a stock, allocate funds, and define RSI-based entry and exit conditions. Stock Hero simplifies automatic stock trading for beginners. 

Stock Hero for Experienced Traders

Experienced Traders

StockHero's extensive Technical Indicators with Presets are some of its strengths for experienced traders to make trading decisions without coding. The software lets you build up several triggers and rules that function together, removing trade uncertainty and giving you control.

StockHero's 'Quick Backtest' tool boosts trading plan confidence and lets you evaluate your trading bots' performance before deployment using historical data, reducing surprises, and allowing strategy improvement.

Other Benefits of using Stock Hero

StockHero Founder and Team

Trading Experience: The team consists of experienced traders, with the CEO having a history of investing and trading since the 1990s, and the core team working on Hero trading bots since 2019. 

StockHero Customer Support

Excellent Customer Service: Their strong passion for their work drives them to provide exceptional customer service, going above and beyond to address users' support requests, even during holidays like Christmas.

StockHero's Motto

Always Developing/Improving: The company continuously strives to exceed the boundaries of StockHero, constantly seeking to improve and innovate for the benefit of users. They believe that every version release is just a step towards a larger goal and adhere to the development motto that being the best is not enough.

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StockHero FAQs

What is StockHero

What is StockHero?

StockHero is a user-friendly website and mobile app that lets users configure strategies for trading into personalized "bots", or simple rent already made bots created by expert traders, with performance stats and different trading strategies. This trading bot automatically conducts trades based on user-defined entry and exit settings.

StockHero Minimum Trade Amount

How much do I need to trade with StockHero bots?

There is no minimum, from $100 to whatever the user is comfortable trading with as this depends on your risk tolerance and trading goals. StockHero's intuitive stock trading bots are a Software-as-a-Service platform, not an investment into the actual bots.

Which countries can use StockHero

Is StockHero available worldwide?

StockHero welcomes users worldwide, provided you hold a trading account with one of our partnered brokerages.

Brokerages that StockHero support

Which brokers do StockHero support?

Currently, StockHero supports the following brokers but will be adding more in the future: TradeStation, Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, Alpaca, Degiro, Webull, Stake Uk & Australia.

StockHero Updates

StockHero Updates

I am thrilled to share the latest updates from, featuring a range of enhancements designed to elevate your financial experience. 

1. AI ChatBot - Your Financial Assistant:

Embark on a new level of financial interaction with the AI ChatBot, a cutting-edge feature that provides instant and personalized responses to your financial queries. Whether you're navigating the world of EV stocks or seeking investment insights, the AI ChatBot is your dedicated companion. This feature is exclusively available to Premium and Professional subscribers, accessible solely through the Web App at the moment.

2. Marketplace Bots Options:

Now, you can tailor your Marketplace bots to trade during extended hours or automatically close positions at the end of the trading day. 

3. Extended Hours Trading with Robinhood and TradeStation:

Enjoy extended trading hours with ease with extended support for users on Robinhood. Additionally, TradeStation users can capitalize on extended trading hours.

4. Market Neutral's Remarkable 91% Win Rate:

The flagship Marketplace bot, Market Neutral, continues to demonstrate exceptional performance, achieving an impressive 91% win rate over the last three months. 

5. Webull Broker Support:

After rigorous testing and careful consideration, StockHero is excited to announce Webull brokerage connectivity for their users. 

StockHero's January Promotion

StockHero's January Promotion

The StockHero January Promotion includes a special offer for Premium Annual subscribers, who receive 3 Market Neutral bots free for one year (valued at US$1,440). Professional Annual subscribers enjoy even greater value, gaining free access to ALL bots in the Marketplace, making it an ideal opportunity to elevate their trading strategies. 

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